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Keep a note of all the travel you do that is work related. Ideally keep a log book, however........



Our Guarantee to You

We understand just the work we do four clients is important, it needs to be on time and must meet with your expectations. With this in mind we offer you a guarantee on all of our services. As a valued client:

"You will remain the sole judge of our performance. If there is something we have done or failed to do in fulfilling our mutual commitments, we will review any fees charged in respect of that activity.

We always welcome feedback, good or bad so that we can continue to improve and serve you at the highest level. To that end all we ask is that you please speak up if something is not to your liking. "The customer is always right" is our motto unless it is illegal.
If you are not satisfied, if you feel we are not meeting your expectation please let us know.
Remember you're the sole judge of our performance - so please communicate.
When preparing Tax Returns, we understand just how important peace of mind in tax matters is.
We always do our best to ensure that you pay no more tax than you are legally required to. That is why we guarantee the income tax returns we lodge.

"If any penalties or interest charges in your assessment are due to an error having occurred when preparing your return, we'll pay the penalties & interest."