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Keep a note of all the travel you do that is work related. Ideally keep a log book, however........

Individuals are required to have their income tax returns lodged by 31st October each year.
If you use a registered tax agent to prepare your tax return, you can usually lodge later than 31 October. If you contact us before 31 October we can add you to our client list and you will qualify for later lodgment dates.

The following checklist shows the information required to have your tax return prepared:

  • Payment Summaries (previously called Group Certificates).
  • Centrelink statement for payments e.g. Pensions, Newstart or Youth Allowance (not family tax benefit). Centrelink are no longer issuing PAYG Payment Summaries direct to taxpayers. You can access the information required from Centrelinks online services, Express plus mobile apps and at self-service terminals at Dept. Human Services Service Centres. We can also look up the required information for you at your interview via the ATO Portal after 9 July 2013.
  • Any bank interest earned
  • Trust, managed funds annual statement
  • Any receipts  for deductions of work related expenses ( bank statements can be used as proof of purchase if reciept has been lost or misplaced)
  • If have a partner or spouse, their assessable taxable income
  • Child support payments
  • Share information – dividend statements
  • If sold shares need purchase & sale details
  • Rental income – Real Estate agents statements
  • Receipts for any investment property expenses (rates, insurance etc)
  • Interest on money borrowed to purchase an investment property
  • If sold investment property, all records of purchase and sale
  • Private health fund letter
  • Receipts for any medical expenses where the family is out of pocket over $2120 in medical expenses, includes prescriptions, optical, dental & medical
  • Bank account details – BSB & Account Number so your refund can be credited directly into your bank account, as the Tax Office are no longer issuing cheques.