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Keep a note of all the travel you do that is work related. Ideally keep a log book, however........

Looking for ways to run a better business?
Your business not as profitable as you want? What's more important - Cost cutting or growing revenues?
We help you determine your goals, and show you how to achieve them. What's your goal?
Looking to buy a business? Or start from scratch? We can help with business & marketing plans, projected cash flows and risk management strategies.
Looking for something more than Tax & financials?The team at SynergyABC can help you build your business, as much or as little as you need. As well as taking care of your compliance needs , we can also provide a premium, full service offering - reminders, regular meetings, some extra management reports to help you make better management decisions and business mentoring. We can tailor a package that suits your business - after all every business is unique.
Want to sell your business?At some stage you will want to sell your business , be prepared in advance- we can help with exit strategies so that you are prepared and attract the right buyer at the right price.