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Keep a note of all the travel you do that is work related. Ideally keep a log book, however........

I live outside of the Port Macquarie area can I still use your services?
Yes, You can fax/email/SMS your PAYG summaries (Group certificates) to us. Fax no is 0265262194, Email is and Phone no is 0407261648 or 0439491856. Best way is to take a photo of your PAYG summary by your phone and send it via SMS/Email. Once you send your PAYG summaries (Group Certificate), our experienced accountant will call you, take your interview over the phone and discuss all your permissible deductions & offsets. He will also tell you the estimated refund. If you are happy with the refund, then you can authorize us to lodge the tax return via - our website/SMS/Email. Once you authorize, we will lodge your return and your refund is usually back in a week to ten days.
How do I pay for your services?
No fees are payable upfront. We will simple deduct our fees from your refund and transfer the balance to your nominated bank account. So there is no need to worry about finding the cash to pay our fees before you get tax return prepared.
I am a small business that would like to use your services - do I need to bring everything to you?
Not at all. We offer an onsite service where will will come to you anytime, anywhere. We really like to visit your place of business so that we can get a feel of how things work. Alternatively if you are a tradie or small business that does not have an office or shop front, we can meet with you at a place that is convienient, at a cafe (we will shout the coffee), your home, anywhere you feel comfortable.
 If you are outside of Mid North Coast area, we can communicate via phone/ fax/email/sms or mail.There are no restrictions, you just don't have to see our accountants ugly face! We have clients in remote areas that communicate this way and everything runs very smoothly.
I am a few years behind in lodging my tax returns. Will I get into trouble?
You should lodge your outstanding tax returns as soon as possible and before the Australian Taxation Office takes any action to have you lodge these tax returns.  The ATO may charge  penalities and interest for late lodgement, but don't stress we can assist you with getting things back on track. In most cases we have dealt with the client gets a refund and no ATO charges have been applied. We will even send you reminders in the following years to help keep your lodgements up to date.